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Hanratty Law Group

At Creative Vision, we make sure your message and branding are concise, So when the public sees your product they immediately connect with your brand. Here are two videos we produced for Hanratty Law Group, formerly LV Injury Lawyers:

Hanratty Law Group was estblished in 2005 focusing in two separate and distinct fields of law: family law and personal injury. Each attorney at Hanratty Law Group focus in either family law or personal injury. Kevin M. Hanratty, Esq. heads the personal injury division of Hanratty Law Group. Kari J. Hanratty, Esq. heads the family law division of Hanratty Law Group.  While each of these divisions of Hanratty Law Group are distinct, since 2005 Hanratty Law Group has successfully maintained its focus on providing each client with personal, responsible and effective representation while maintaining the highest integrity and ethics. 

The Hanratty’s are strong supporters of the community in schools, causes and sports. They are a sponsor of the Las Vegas 51’s, They donate to and sponsor schools, participate in 5K’s that raise thousands of dollars for causes in our community. They also work to rebuild communities in other states.