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Baby’s Bounty

Our client Baby’s Bounty™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
devoted to providing essential clothing and gear to babies born into
disadvantaged families. Recipients include victims of domestic abuse, teen
mothers and those living in poverty.

Founder, Kim Amato, started Baby’s Bounty™ in July of 2008 to address the
rise in homelessness among families with young children. After learning about
the increase in homeless families, Kim began investigating how often newborn
children were being released from the hospital without the proper clothing and
supplies to ensure that they thrived. Hospital and Clark County officials
confirmed that many families were leaving the hospital without any supplies
whatsoever for their newborn children. The infants had no safe place to sleep
and no clothing or diapers.

Once Kim started collecting clothes and gear by reaching out to family,
friends, churches, schools and anyone else who was able to help, Baby’s Bounty™
was “born.” Now, each baby in need receives a diaper bag filled with new and
gently used infant clothing, receiving blankets, bottles, toiletries and any
vital equipment, such as a pack ‘n’ play (portable crib), car seat and bathtub.
Every baby needs a safe place to sleep. That’s why our program “Good Night,
Sleep Tight” is devoted to providing each new baby in need with a portable crib
to call their own.

Baby Items are collected through solicitation to the community for new and
gently used clothing and gear, plus financial support from individuals and
corporate sponsors. Volunteers help collect, sort and clean the items and
prepare them for distribution. Find out how you or your organization can help by
visiting Baby’s Bounty “Donate” page.

Through collaboration with social service agencies, hospitals, homeless
shelters, safe havens, schools and family court, new mothers at risk are
identified. Those agencies request the essential items and, upon receipt from
Baby’s Bounty™, distribute to their clients. Participating agencies include HELP
of Southern Nevada (Baby First Services), the Div. of Welfare and Supportive
Services, Nurse Family Partnership, Family Resource Centers, SafeNest, Olive
Crest, Dept. of Family and Child Protective Services, area hospitals and many

For more information about Baby’s Bounty™ call 702-485-BABY
or email  at

Baby’s Bounty™
840 Rancho Drive,
Suite 4-556
Las Vegas, NV 89106

2295 Renaissance Drive, Suite D
Las Vegas, NV 89119
**By Appt. Only**

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