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Personalized Service

Our boutique style public relations firm gives a personal touch to all of our clients. We meet regularly at your small business and discuss all your public relations strategies.


Through print, radio, television and social media we place your name and business products in the forefront.


We make sure your message and branding are concise, So when the public sees your product they immediately connect with your brand.


With more than 25 years of experience in media relations, we help your business grow and scale.

We Know the Media

One of the strengths Creative Vision brings to your marketing mix is our friendships with Las Vegas media. Our ability to showcase your message or special event on morning radio, television, and online adds immediate impact.

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At Creative Vision Communications we handle all of your public relations needs. We can help you get your story, your company &  product in the news! With our television backgrounds, we know what stories reporters are tracking down and the stories they want to report on.  Our backgrounds have also afforded us a host of media contacts in both television and print, locally and nationwide. We also know the ins of outs of negotiating and purchasing advertising time and space for television, radio & print, to get you the best bang for your buck.  We can get your small business, big results!

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